Breast Augmentation with Lift

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Breast Augmentation with Lift

When life weighs you down, you need a boost of support, innovation, and expertise. Meet Dr. Dave Clayton. He can address issues of breast sagging, size, shape, and general aesthetics.

Conveniently located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, Dr. Clayton proudly serves Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities. To learn how his artistry with breast augmentation and breast lifts can benefit you, contact our office at your earliest convenience. 

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What Is Breast Augmentation?

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a procedure that increases the size of your bust with implants, transferred fat, or both. Size is just one factor in the wide array of enhancements offered by breast augmentation. Dr. Clayton can also help alter the shape of your silhouette, from flat to round or from compact to curvy. Texture is also a dimension to consider when choosing which implant is right for you. After all, looking good is wonderful, but feeling good is paramount. 

Silicone Breast Implants

If you want a natural, firm feel, then silicone implants may be the perfect option. The malleable gel mirrors the texture of natural breasts. Silicone implants are FDA-approved and they deliver stunning results for women who want a more voluptuous appearance.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline implants are also FDA-approved and the contents are absorbed by the body in the unlikely event of a rupture. The implantation process is different than that used for silicone models. First, an empty shell is inserted into the breast cavity. Next, saline is pumped in to fill the shell to your desired capacity. This process requires a smaller incision and may be ideal for more petite patients. 

What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift (mastopexy) procedure tightens the look of sagging bosoms by removing loose skin and contouring the soft tissue below it. If you struggle with ptosis, or sagging of the breasts, then a lift may be just what the doctor ordered.[1] By trimming excess skin and suturing it tighter, Dr. Clayton can deliver a taut, elevated look.

Circumareolar Technique

Depending on the degree of your loose skin, Dr. Clayton will tailor the incision to be minimally noticeable with maximum effect. Slight ptosis may be addressed by accessing breast tissue through a tiny, donut-shaped incision strategically placed along the edge of the nipple.[2] The results are subtle yet striking.

Vertical Incision

To counteract more extensive ptosis, the doctor may create a gentle incision starting at the nipple and extending straight down. He can then adjoin the two sides of the incision to cradle the breast and lift it pleasingly. 

Anchor Method

Dr. Clayton may opt for the anchor technique, so named because the incision resembles a boat’s anchor. After making a vertical incision (described above), the surgeon will create an opening along the lower edge of the breast fold in either direction. This allows for multidirectional tightening for a dramatic transformation. 

A Balanced Approach

breast augmentation with lift

A breast augmentation with a lift combines breast implants and mastopexy to provide women with larger, more symmetrical, and perkier breasts. A breast augmentation alone will not raise the positioning of the breasts, while a breast lift alone will not add volume to the breasts. These two procedures are frequently combined in order to help women meet their aesthetic goals.

Benefits of Breast Enhancement 

The main benefit of performing an augmentation and a lift simultaneously is the holistic angle. You want your outcome to reflect your goals, not just to follow the guidelines of a predetermined procedure. 

  • Symmetry – If you are dissatisfied with the fact that one breast sags more than the other or is noticeably smaller, then Dr. Clayton can bring balance to your bust.
  • Size – Augmentation can increase the volume of your breasts while lifting can position your new fullness precisely where you want it. 
  • Contours – The shape of your breasts is now entirely up to you! Choose from teardrop, round, or whichever figure works best with your anatomy.
  • Confidence – In addition to the obvious physical benefits of breast enhancement, you may experience a boost in psychological wellness too. 

Dr. Clayton can craft the bust you want, adding volume and removing unwanted skin to achieve the ultimate results. To reap these rewards, contact Clayton Plastic Surgery and begin your journey toward aesthetic improvement.

Candidates for Augmentation with Lift

Candidates for Augmentation with Lift

If you wish to increase the size of your breasts, but also want that volume to perk up properly, then a simultaneous augmentation/lift procedure may be the optimal choice. Eligible patients must be in good health and maintain a stable weight. Fluctuations can disrupt the benefits of a breast enhancement procedure. Dr. Clayton can assess your candidacy for a lift and/or augmentation during your individualized consultation. Call (801) 937-9650 to schedule your appointment. 

Personal Consultation in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Dr. Clayton is a pioneer in his field. In 1983, he was the very first surgeon to perform liposuction in the state of Utah. Ever since, he has been a beacon of innovation and dedication. To benefit from Dr. Clayton’s expertise, please visit our clinic. Be ready to share pertinent medical details from your past, as well as your future goals for aesthetic improvement. Dr. Clayton is ready to co-pilot your journey toward cosmetic excellence. 

Preparation for Breast Surgery

Every surgery is unique because it is tailored to the needs of the patient. Your instructions will reflect the details of your individual case. The best way to prepare for any cosmetic procedure is to ask lots of questions.

  • What medications will I need?
  • Which supplements should I stop taking?
  • Are there any dietary restrictions?
  • How long should I take off work?
  • What should I expect during my recovery period?

These are just sample questions to get the conversation started, but you may have different concerns you want addressed. At any point during the lead-up to your procedure, feel free to contact our office and ask one of our attentive staff members for guidance. 


The parameters of your surgery will depend on how extensive you want them to be. Whether you request a subtle lift and augmentation or a significant overall change, your procedure will begin with safety. The medical team will administer the appropriate anesthesia for your surgery before making their strategically-placed incision(s).

breast augmentation with lift procedure

From there, Dr. Clayton will place your implants according to the strategy he explains during your consultation. You may opt for submuscular implantation, meaning the implant will be inserted behind your pectoral muscles. This pushes out your natural tissue for enhancement and volume. If you wish for the implants to be placed above your muscular plane, then you may benefit from the textural benefits of the silicone or saline materials as they were designed. Regardless of which option you choose, an augmentation with lift procedure typically lasts anywhere from an hour and a half to three and a half hours. 


Immediately following your procedure, one of our clinicians will monitor your progress. You will then be released into the care of a loved one who will drive you home to focus on your recovery. Dr. Clayton has pioneered the use of a long-lasting breast pocket anesthetic to ensure comfort long after the surgery. He also uses dissolving sutures, so there is no need to have them removed surgically. 

Please avoid strenuous activity in the week following your enhancement procedure. Wear the recommended support garments to minimize swelling and bruising. Within weeks, your remarkable new contours will emerge!

Amazing Results

By experiencing the wonders of augmentation with a lift, you will enjoy aesthetic improvement on two fronts, simultaneously. In addition to a boost in mass, you will admire a shapely new profile. Your skin will feel naturally taut and your bust will raise itself up proudly. To get a better idea of how Dr. Clayton achieves greatness, one patient at a time, please take a look at our rave reviews.

Complementary Procedures 

Now that your breasts have filled out and perked up, you may consider other transformative procedures at Clayton Plastic Surgery. Our tummy tuck provides many of the same benefits of a breast lift, but extends them to the midsection. Loose skin is trimmed away and excess fat is removed via liposuction. One of Dr. Clayton’s many great attributes is his ability to enhance your body holistically. He does not look at the human form as an assemblage of parts; it is a vibrant figure and it deserves an overall approach to aesthetic wellness.


How much does breast enhancement cost in Utah?

Price should not prohibit care. Your body is unique, so it deserves the best options at the right price. Contact Clayton Plastic Surgery to assess your goals and determine which lift, augmentation, or alternate strategy is best for you. We will break down the cost of each procedure as it pertains to your specific case. 

Are breast implants safe?

Your safety is Dr. Clayton’s top priority. He has studied the advancements in cosmetic surgery for decades and insists on using the most up to date technology available. Breast implants are FDA-approved and proven to be effective in enhancing a woman’s appearance. To discuss your concerns about safety and aesthetics, please call (801) 937-9650 and schedule a consultation. Dr. Clayton and his team will be happy to answer all of your questions.


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