Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

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Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Superior Enhancement with a Natural Touch

Don’t you deserve the best of both worlds? Silicone breast implants will give you the look of your dreams. But there is no beating the real response of a warm and living fat graft. Breast augmentation with fat transfer is an alchemical blend of the very best features of both these procedures. The combination procedure even includes a little liposuction for some bonus body contouring while Dr. Clayton harvests your autologous fat for transfer.  

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Scientists Prefer Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

A research paper published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, scientifically confirms what your own eyes will tell you: breast implants with fat transfer is the best of both worlds. The combined procedure offers both the benefits of implants and natural enhancement.  

Scientific Conclusions:

“Fat grafting performed simultaneously with breast augmentation is a safe procedure, and seems to provide a valuable cosmetic advantage by improving the medial transition zone of the breast implant with the presternal area. It prevents a “separated-breasts” deformity, which may produce unnatural results in implant-based breast augmentations, especially in thin patients.”[1]

Autologous Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer’s enhancement is long-lasting and all-natural. The procedure begins with a little Liposuction to aspirate some stubborn fat bulges from problem areas. Dr. Clayton will put those autologous fat molecules to good use. In his Fat Transfer procedure, he will graft your own (autologous) fat onto existing breast tissue. As the graft tissue takes, it shall merge indistinguishably with the living fat cells at the surgery site. 

Breast Implants Perfected With Fat Transfer

Silicone and saline implants produce our most lauded results for our patients. Breast implant devices are designed to complement the contours of your frame and spotlight the highlights of your sexuality. Dr. Clayton can perfect your implants with strategic fat grafts at the surgical site. The best of both worlds means you can add silicone’s incomparable enhancement to autologous fat’s natural-feeling fullness.[2]    

When you have been practicing plastic surgery as long as Dr. Clayton has, you can collect a lot of compliments. That’s a lot of lives changed! Read our patients’ positive reviews and see the measure of a man. 

What Is the Frequency of Fat Transfer Mishaps?

In the hands of a master, the combined augmentation technique is completely safe. Fat transfer sidesteps many potential issues because your own autologous tissue mitigates the allergic risks. But with any open surgery comes a seductive dance with the odds. Some people may have unforeseen reactions to anesthesia. Be sure you place your trust in an experienced doctor who specializes in autologous fat grafting, as there are challenges peculiar to the procedure. Fat necrosis may break out if your graft doesn’t take. Alert Dr. Clayton if you notice thick, obvious scars developing post-op, as these may indicate hypertrophic scars.   

Your Private Consultation with Dr. Clayton

consultation for breast augmentation with fat transfer

Dr. David Clayton hails from a long legacy of esteemed service in Utah. His father, the legendary Dr. John L. Clayton, was one of the first plastic surgeons in the territory. Today his son, “Dr. Dave,” often tells old family stories under the stars about Dr. John Clayton’s exploits as a frontier plastic surgeon in the days when Salt Lake City was mostly wilderness. At your private consultation, you will share your story with Dr. Clayton so that he can recommend the appropriate procedures. His experience and wisdom will help guide your medical strategy. 

Let Dr. Clayton be the cartographer of your transformation journey. He will map the contours of your aesthetic plan.    

Contact the office for a consultation. Dr. Clayton or one of his helpful staff will assist you. Call (801) 937-9650. Our new Virtual Consultations empower Dr. Clayton’s remote viewing of your body at a distance.  


Dr. Clayton’s years of experience have refined his approach. Fat transfer to the breasts is a square and simple procedure under his watchful eye. Dr. Dave is a master mason of aesthetic perfection!

Dr. Clayton first employs liposuction during the fat harvest phase of the procedure. The primary tool of liposuction is a long, narrow cannula wand affixed to a pressurized hose. It will make unwanted fat bulges disappear for long-lasting results. Dr. Clayton gently draws the living fat cells from your body for purification. 

Your fat must be purified. When it is spun in a centrifuge, higher forces act upon the cells. Thus refined, your rarified fat graft is prepared for transfer. 

Before brandishing his scalpel, Dr. Clayton makes a final eye measurement to ensure symmetry. A couple of quick, deliberate flashes of stainless steel begin Dr. Clayton’s initial incisions. He carves spaces in the chest tissue for your brand new implants. If he has enough tissue to work with, Dr. Clayton generally prefers to place the implant vacuole in front of your chest muscles. 

With a cool head and a steady hand, Dr. Clayton places the custom silicone devices into your receptive breast pockets. He takes the cannula in his hand for the last time. The end draws near. He infuses both breasts with a flattering amount of autologous fat. He will continue the fat transfer until your bosom is firm and plump.[3] 

When he is satisfied with the results, Dr. Clayton closes the incisions. You will then be taken to the recovery area where you will awaken. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled in order for Dr. Clayton to properly keep track of your recovery.


Dr. Clayton’s skill plays a large role in the speed and ease with which you recover. As your healing progresses, several days of prescription pain meds give way to over-the-counter solutions. You should be able to return to work within a week. Expect some swelling and soreness. You may return to vigorous exercise after three weeks. 

Your Healing Process

There will be some bruising and swelling immediately following surgery. They should soon subside. Be prepared for temporary numbness at the surgical site. You will undoubtedly develop small scars as your breast tissue regenerates. Fret not—they will fade from prominence. Most of all, patients should have a realistic expectation of the outcomes. 

About half the volume of your fat graft may be reabsorbed into the body, muting the procedure’s results. To achieve long-lasting, comprehensive enhancement, many women consider combining fat transfer with implants for a better breast augmentation. 


breast augmentation with fat transfer results

The results of fat grafting are long-lasting. The essential vitality of your living fat cells is what gives your breast augmentation longevity. Dr. Clayton aims to encourage the integration of grafted tissue into the target area. The fat graft will develop new blood vessels and rejoin your body’s vital processes

When the graft takes, all the mass that remains is there to stay. To avoid contraction issues altogether, the fat transfer procedure is popularly paired with breast implants. This will give fat transfer’s natural advantages a boost.    

How Long Until I Notice the Results of My Breast Augmentation?

You will notice an immediate increase in the size of the breasts, but the full results will be seen a couple of months after the procedure. The swelling will subside and breast contours actually improve for a few months. Only then will the final result be fully apparent. The breasts will be more elegant and your clothes will appear to fit better. Imagine how confident you’ll be!

How Much Does Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer Cost in Salt Lake City?

If you qualify for surgery, you and Dr. Clayton will draft your aesthetic strategy as he quotes you a cost estimate. At your personal consultation, Dr. Clayton will examine you and your medical records while he determines your candidacy for breast augmentation with fat transfer. 

Dr. Clayton and his expert crew of medical professionals are keen to help you to look and feel your best. Read our brilliant reviews for a sampling of our success stories. Contact us for a private consultation.

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Superior Enhancement with a Natural Touch

The best of both worlds means you can get the full enhancement of the latest in silicone implants without sacrificing the real responsiveness of your own, living tissue. Dr. Clayton’s breast augmentation with fat transfer procedure can shape, sculpt and boost your bust to unimagined heights! 


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