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A Little Lift Will Brighten Your Look

The unwelcome signs of aging will come sooner or they will come later. Many of our patients stave off the aging process with an inventive mix of Injectables, Dermal Fillers and Laser Treatments. But soon your years will reach a peak and you will know that surgery may be the only solution for saggy skin at the face. At Clayton Plastic Surgery, we have an array of facial procedures designed to rejuvenate your visage from your forehead to your neck.

Dr. David Clayton is a medical legacy. He comes from a family of plastic surgeons who have served the Salt Lake City region for generations. His father, in fact, was one of the first plastic surgeons in all of Utah. “Dr. Dave” has years of experience under his belt, but those years haven’t hardened his receptiveness to new ideas

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In a facelift or rhytidectomy procedure, Dr. Clayton removes excess skin around the lower half of the face to reduce wrinkles and create a rejuvenated look. You won’t believe your results!  

Dr. Clayton will work with you to customize your individualized procedure. He will advise you on which areas of your face to target. Dr. David Clayton has the steady hands of a surgeon and the astute eyes of a sharpshooter. He is the plastic surgeon who will help you to manifest your aesthetic dreams

Dr. Clayton is one of Utah’s best for facial rejuvenation.

Your face is the means by which you share your emotions with the world, consciously and unconsciously. The unique contours of our face distinguishes us from others. It is a primal player in the semantic dance of our individuality. The facelift is actually a combination procedure of two or more complementary facial rejuvenation surgeries, detailed below.[1]  


Some patients may opt for mid-lift. The procedure aims to address sagging cheeks. People entering middle age will see changes in this area. The skin becomes lax and the lines from a lifetime of laugher dig in deep at the sides of the mouth.


As time goes by, the signs of aging descend the face to produce jowls and other pockets of sagging skin. This is when Dr. Clayton may suggest more comprehensive measures to meet your aesthetic needs, such as a lower facelift.  

Lower Facelift 

 Some women complain that the signs of aging make them appear more masculine. Dr. David Clayton hears and understands you. And he knows how to help. A lower facelift may be performed  on its own or it can be added on to your mid-lift procedure to target loose, wrinkled skin at the lower third of the face. Dr. Clayton will prop up your profile by eliminating jowls, smile lines and sagging cheeks.[1]



The mini is the least invasive variety of rhytidectomy. Recovery time and post-op scarring are also reduced. It is an effective treatment for smile lines and nasolabial folds. The mini treats all the same issues as any other genre of facelift. But it has little affect on the advanced signs of aging that tend to turn up around the chin and neck. For these symptoms, Dr. Clayton may recommend a lower facelift or neck lift.  

Brow Lift or Forehead Lift

Brow Lift or Forehead Lift

Professors, politicians and poker players area all fans of the the brighteneing effects of the brow lift. There are several approaches to the procedure. They depend on your unique goals and specific needs. Dr. Clayton performs the brow lift on its own or in comcert with other octaves of facial rejuvenation surgery so that he can strike the appropriate tone with your new look. A “furrowed brow” can make you appear angry, tired, even when you’re feeling fine. Also, “worry lines” can begin to develop in the forehead as the years set in. But Dr. Clayton understands your worries. In a brow lift, Dr. Clayton pulls the skin of the forehead tight along the browline to approximate an alert appearance.  

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) 

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

The eyes are the focal point of our face and the mythological “windows to the soul.” More than any other part of the face, our eyes communicate signals about us to every person we meet. Droopy, hanging skin around the upper and lower eyelids can communicate the wrong message by making us seem dim and tired to others. Blepharoplasty can help!

The approach Dr. Clayton will take on your Eyelid Surgery varies per individual. All versions of the procedure involve removing excess skin and fat to make the patient appear more bright and awake

Neck Lift

Neck Lift

A Neck Lift is one of the best ways of eliminating the dreaded “turkey neck” that can be one of the most visible signs of aging. “Turkey neck” is a stubborn patch of loose flesh that begins to sag from the chin and jawline as our skin loses its youthful, springy suppleness. A neck lift is the most effective way to improve your profile.[2]   

Other Face Procedures 

CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatments are performed by Dr. Clayton himself. Laser skin resurfacing can be an alternative or a complement to surgery. The procedure treats superficial signs of aging not addressed in a facelift, like sun damage, age spots, scars and stretch marks. 

The CO2 laser is the first laser designed to resurface the skin. The epidermis is stripped away while collagen production is stimulated in the skin’s deeper layers. The frequently dramatic results around the eyes can replace the need for some cosmetic procedures.   

How Much Does a Facial Surgery Cost in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Aesthetic enhancement is within your reach.  At your personal consultation, Dr. Clayton will examine you and your medical records while he determines your candidacy for facial rejuvenation. If you qualify for surgery, you and Dr. Clayton will draft your aesthetic strategy as he quotes you a cost estimate.

How Much Does a Facial Surgery Cost in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Dr. Clayton and his expert crew of medical professionals are keen to focus their attention on helping you to look and feel your best. Financing options are available for those who qualify. Watch our specials page for seasonal offers and package deals. 

We believe our commitment to quality care speaks for itself, but our happy patients sure have a lot to say! Read our brilliant reviews for a sampling of our success stories. Contact us for a private consultation.

It’s Time to Face a New World

Our face not only impacts how we perceive the world, it also dictates how the world perceives us! 97% of human communication is nonverbal, and much of that is intuitive and unconscious. The health and appearance of our faces also has an impact on our own mental well-being. Dr. David Clayton knows all this well, which is why he’s dedicated his professional life and practice to changing the way his patients face the world. 


Are there any non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation?

In CO2 laser skin resurfacing, directed energy is used to resurface the epidermis and stimulate collagen growth below. It can tighten the skin around the eyes while also treating unsightly scars and stretch marks. 

What can I do about my sagging face?

Stem cell and fat transfer can help restore plump, vivacious contours to hollowed pockets in the face. More than that, stem cells are said to have rejuvenating properties all their own because of their unique regenerative abilities.  

What can I do about the loose skin hanging off my neck?

Nobody likes a “turkey neck.” Not even on Thanksgiving! Skin laxity increases as we mature. Advanced signs of aging include jowls and drooping skin at the lower face and neck. This excess skin is most visible in profile photos. A lower facelift and neck lift specifically targets these areas.

What do I do about my sagging face and cheeks?

If loose skin and muscle around the checks and mouth are making you look older than you feel, a facelift might be the procedure for you. In a mid-facelift, the cheeks and “smile lines” left from a lifetime of laughter and happiness are specifically addressed. 
A mini-facelift may also be what you’re looking for. It is a less invasive procedure than the full facelift, producing subtler results and requiring a shorter recovery time. 

What if my eyes look tired? 

There are cosmetic procedures that can help. A brow lift or forehead lift will correct “worry lines” along the forehead and eyelid surgery can make the eyes appear wider and brighter.  
Both of these procedures, taken separately or done together, contribute to a sharp, alert appearance that is more typical of youth. 


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