Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

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Your nose is central to all of your facial features. For some people, this feature may cause some level of dissatisfaction due to its shape, size, or orientation. Whether you are the victim of genetics or injury, the look and function of your nose can be addressed. You can have the attractive aesthetic you have always wanted.

Dr. Dave Clayton, MD, FACS is a Board-Certified plastic surgeon serving Cottonwood Heights, Utah and surrounding areas. Dr. Clayton is a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and talented surgeon who is committed to assisting you in looking and feeling your best. If you are contemplating nose surgery in Cottonwood Heights, Clayton Plastic Surgery is here to help you meet your cosmetic surgery goals.

About Rhinoplasty in Cottonwood Heights

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to address the shape, size, and functionality of the nose. Nose surgery can augment other facial rejuvenation procedures and bring balance to the face. If you experienced facial trauma or you inherited misshapen nostrils, Rhinoplasty can center, sculpt, and resize your nose. 

Rhinoplasty Benefits 

A Nose Surgery has many benefits! Dr. Clayton’s patients report feeling more attractive and increased self-esteem following Rhinoplasty. 

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

  • Enhanced breathing ability
  • Increased confidence
  • More balance and symmetry of the facial features
  • Smaller, more shapely nose

If you are ready to realize the benefits of Rhinoplasty in Cottonwood Heights for yourself, contact Clayton Plastic Surgery today to schedule a private consultation.

Before and After Photos


Those looking to undergo nose surgery should be nonsmokers in good health. Ideal candidates include those who are unhappy with the look and/or functionality of their nose. They may have experienced defect, damage, or injury to the nose or have difficulty breathing. Patients are optimistic individuals and have realistic goals and expectations for their surgery.

If you are a candidate for Rhinoplasty, reach out to Dr. Clayton’s office today to schedule a private consultation.


A private consultation is the prime opportunity to discuss your goals for Rhinoplasty. Dr. Clayton will listen to your concerns and discuss the procedure in detail. He will also ask about your health and medical history to ensure nose surgery is right for you.

After a physical examination of your nose, Dr. Clayton will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to meet your goals. You will receive pre-operative instructions during this time if there is nothing barring you from being an appropriate Rhinoplasty candidate. A final price will be provided and you will schedule your surgery date.

If Dr. Clayton believes your needs may be better met with an alternative solution, he will provide his professional medical opinion during your consultation.

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Preparing for a Nose Job

Once Dr. Clayton determines you are an appropriate candidate for Rhinoplasty you will need to prepare for surgery day. Dr. Clayton may direct you to reduce or stop taking any blood-thinning medications and supplements. You will need to have a trusted adult drive you home after surgery and stay with you for at least the next 24 hours. You will be instructed to stop smoking and drinking alcohol prior to and after your Rhinoplasty. Any additional directives will be discussed during your pre-operative appointment. Dr. Clayton wants to ensure your safety and success during and after Rhinoplasty. In order to do so, it is imperative that you follow all instructions Dr. Clayton provides. This is the best way to see optimal results.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

On the day of your Nose Surgery, Dr. Clayton will meet with you to review your customized treatment plan. He will make sure you are comfortable with your decision to undergo Rhinoplasty. Moving forward, Dr. Clayton will mark your nose with a surgical marker to identify anatomical landmarks, incision sites, and other areas of focus.

Nose Surgery may take between 1.5 to 2 hours.

Once in the operating room, you will receive local anesthesia along with a sedative to keep you comfortable during surgery. Dr. Clayton will then follow your specific procedure plan to give you the aesthetic and/or functional results you have been seeking. He will work to reshape and customize your nose to meet your specific goals and needs.

Open Rhinoplasty 

In an open nose surgery, the incision is made under the nose, between the nostrils This provides greater visibility of the internal nose structure. The skin may then be lifted up, revealing the underlying bone and cartilage. This method is used for more significant alterations to your nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty

A closed Rhinoplasty is a surgical method where the incisions are made inside of the nostrils. Often called a “seamless” Rhinoplasty, any resulting scars are concealed within the contours of your nose. A closed Nose Job is ideal for smaller, more subtle changes to your nose.


Septoplasty is a procedure to specifically address the bone and piece of cartilage which separates the nostrils, called the septum. Septoplasty aims to straighten the septum and improve breathing functionality. If you have difficulty breathing due to a deviated septum, a Septoplasty in addition to your Rhinoplasty may be the solution for you. 

Recovering from Rhinoplasty

Immediately following Nose Surgery, various dressings will protect your nose as you begin the recovery process. You may experience some discomfort and swelling after Rhinoplasty. You will need to sleep upright for a few weeks after surgery to ensure proper healing. Your undereye area may become black and blue after Rhinoplasty. This is common and should subside in two to three weeks, post-op. Significant swelling and bruising should reduce by weeks three to four. Any residual swelling should fully resolve within a year, post-operatively. 

Rhinoplasty Results

Your nose is a distinct feature of your face. Any changes made during a Nose Job can enhance your look, no matter how subtle. As Rhinoplasty is a custom procedure, results will vary between patients. Your goals, expectations, and anatomy will inform your treatment plan.

The success of your rhinoplasty will be determined by how well you follow Dr. Clayton’s pre- and post-op directions and your body’s natural healing processes.

Patients have realized slimmer, more contoured, and functional noses following Nose Surgery. They feel more confident and comfortable with their appearance. Read what Dr. Clayton’s patients have to say about their exceptional experience and results. Be among them! Contact Clayton Plastic Surgery today to schedule your private Rhinoplasty consultation!

Complementary Procedures

Dr. Clayton offers a number of procedures and treatments to help you achieve a youthful, balanced facial profile. If you are looking to combine procedures to meet your personal goals, a private consultation with Dr. Clayton will provide you with the necessary details to help you make an informed decision.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes the excess skin and fat surrounding the eyes. Candidates for Eyelid Surgery experience hooding of the eyes due to age or genetics. As you age, the skin around the eyes may fill with fat as the skin and muscles become lax. Blepharoplasty addresses this and improves the visual field. Rhinoplasty combined with Blepharoplasty can give you a more refined and awake appearance.



A Facelift Surgery addresses sagging of the face. With age comes lax, deflated skin. Following Facelift, you can expect a more youthful appearance as the skin is pulled taut. This contributes to smoother facial contours, turning back the hands of time. 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are a minimally invasive treatment that aims to restore suppleness to the face. Passing time can result in hollowed eyes, deflated lips, and lines throughout the face. Dermal fillers can fill these areas with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body. These fillers can assist with bringing moisture, fullness, and smoothness to the face, augmenting your Rhinoplasty results!

Rhinoplasty Cost in Cottonwood Heights

Nose surgery is a highly customizable procedure. This makes the final price dependent on your individualized treatment plan. If you would like an accurate quote for your Rhinoplasty, reach out to Clayton Plastic Surgery today for a consultation with Dr. Clayton.



A physical examination by Dr. Clayton will help determine your candidacy for Rhinoplasty. There may be a number of reasons you may experience difficulty breathing. If a deviated septum is the cause, a Septoplasty may be the best solution for you.


Rhinoplasty results are long-lasting! Barring any future injury, you should be able to enjoy your results for years to come. 

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