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Juvéderm Salt Lake City

Juvéderm is an injectable filler designed to bring volume and luster back to depleted skin. If you struggle with thinning facial features, deflated cheeks, or persistent wrinkles, Dr. Dave Clayton can help.

At Clayton Plastic Surgery, we explore the best ways to replenish your youthful appeal. Dermal fillers are just a few of the many tools we have to enhance your look and bolster your confidence. Contact us online or call (801) 937-9650 to make an appointment. Dr. Clayton proudly serves the needs of the greater Salt Lake City, Utah region. We also provide virtual consultations if that works best for you. 

About Injectable Fillers

juvederm salt lake city

Your skin is resilient, but it requires a lot of support. Just beneath the surface, your body features an extracellular matrix (ECM) consisting of a vast network of proteins.[1] Think of it like a flexible, multidimensional scaffolding that moves with your skin yet props it up to maintain a signature shape.

But over time, the ECM begins to break down. The body produces less collagen and elastin as it matures. Without these building blocks, the ECM develops gaps. Dermal fillers do exactly what their name suggests: they fill the gaps invading your skin. 

Juvéderm is a pliable filler that works with the complex contours of your skin. By mingling seamlessly with the ECM, Juvéderm brings volume and definition to your features. Cheeks will be rounder, lips will be poutier, and fine lines will smooth away. As fillers inhabit the spaces lingering in the subdermal region, they enhance the skin from within. The dynamic is like a balloon; when it’s empty, it appears puckered and wrinkled. Once you add air, however, the balloon enjoys a vibrant, healthy gleam

Hyaluronic Acid

The active ingredient in Juvéderm is hyaluronic acid, also known as HA or hyaluronan.[2] HA is naturally occurring in the human body, so your skin will welcome it without incident. One of the great features of hyaluronic acid is its ability to bind with water molecules. Since Juvéderm is powered by HA, it signals for your skin to cradle moisture. You will enjoy hydration on a whole new level

Benefits of Facial Enhancement 

The benefits described above are just the first chapter of the Juvéderm story. As your ECM integrates with the influx of hyaluronic acid, it responds by issuing a fresh rush of collagen. Hence, the rewards from a Juvéderm session may endure for up to a year.

In addition to these physical perks, there are a number of psychological benefits to Juvéderm treatment. When your skin is fully volumized, you do not need to worry about lax, sagging features. You can show your face with pride knowing that it is living its best life. With the help of Juvéderm, looking great means feeling fantastic. 

Juvéderm Benefits

  • Little to no downtime
  • Lasts for up to a year
  • Precise placement treats the exact area you want to enhance
  • Formulated with ingredients native to your physiology

To experience the wonders of Juvéderm for yourself, contact Clayton Plastic Surgery at your earliest convenience. 

Eligible Candidates

juvederm salt lake city

If you are experiencing mild to moderate ptosis (sagging), then Juvéderm might be the ideal solution for you. You may not be eligible for hyaluronic acid injections if you have a history of anaphylaxis.[3] Please inform Dr. Clayton if you are allergic to lidocaine, as some products in the Juvéderm family contain this numbing agent. 

Men and women in the Salt Lake City vicinity can improve the dimensions of their skin with a simple dermal filler session at our office in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. Dr. Clayton can determine your candidacy for Juvéderm after a thorough consultation. 

Private Consultation

Your face is unlike any other. The crest of your brow, the swoop of your cheekbones, and the fullness of your lips add up to a totality that is undeniably you. To celebrate your features, you deserve a physician who understands the delicate appeal of each facial facet.

Dr. Clayton will apply his considerable knowledge and experience to your case. The purpose of this article is to outline how Juvéderm may enhance your look, but we are sure that you have questions specific to your anatomy. If you find yourself at a loss for words during your consultation with Dr. Clayton, here are some conversation starters to keep in mind.

  • How dramatic is Juvéderm treatment?
  • Where on my face and/or body can I get dermal filler injections?
  • Will the results look natural on me?

Dr. Clayton and his associates will answer these questions and many more. Please call (801) 937-9650 to book an appointment and start the process of rejuvenating your look.


Juvéderm is so well-tolerated and safe that you may be ready for your first session immediately following your consultation. Inform your Clayton Plastic Surgery team if you are taking any blood-thinning medications, as these may increase your risk of bruising at the injection sites. You should also plan to quit smoking. Tobacco products leach moisture from your skin, which is counterproductive to the hydrating benefits of Juvéderm.

Juvéderm Procedure

juvederm procedure salt lake city

Dr. Clayton administers dermal fillers via ultrafine needles. This ensures meticulous placement along the proper plane beneath the skin, and it also minimizes discomfort and bruising. Most Juvéderm products contain lidocaine to numb the treatment area. If you wish for additional numbing capabilities, or if you are allergic to lidocaine, we can discuss alternative options for you.

Juvéderm injections are considered a “lunchtime” procedure because they take less than an hour to perform. You can be back to work immediately after your session at Clayton Plastic Surgery.

Easy Recovery

A medical professional may apply a gentle massaging pressure along the treatment area to guide the Juvéderm to its optimal situation. Please do not attempt to massage the solution yourself; our clinicians are highly trained and incredibly attuned to the proper ways of manipulating injectable fillers. 

You may notice a slight redness at the injection sites. This is completely normal and will subside over the course of 3-6 hours. Please do not hesitate to contact Clayton Plastic Surgery with any questions you may have regarding Juvéderm aftercare. 

Remarkable Results

Juvéderm can help your skin live up to its natural contours. Nasolabial folds will diminish, the midface will fill out pleasantly, and the overall appearance of your face will shine. Dr. Clayton thrives on delivering amazing results for his patients. One look at our glowing reviews will prove how dedicated and successful he truly is. 

Complementary and Alternative Procedures 

There is no uniform solution to the aging process. We all mature differently, so Dr. Clayton has amassed a full suite of services to address each client’s needs. 


As described above, the loss of collagen is one of the main reasons for wrinkles, but there are other causes as well. Every time your face expresses an emotion, your muscles pull at the skin. These contractions create creases that deepen over time. To ease the persistent activity of facial muscles, consider the benefits of Botox Cosmetic. Juvéderm pairs brilliantly with Botox to correct fine lines in multiple ways simultaneously. 


Injectables offer relief from mild to moderate ptosis (sagging skin), but if the condition is more pronounced, you may need surgical assistance. Dr. Clayton has perfected the fine art and science of facelifts. By gently removing excess skin at the hairline, the doctor can raise your profile to its more youthful position.

Neck Lift

A beautiful face commands attention, but it sometimes gets overshadowed by the pedestal on which it sits. Aging affects the skin along the neck quite noticeably, but a neck lift can smooth away unwanted wrinkles. Dr. Clayton conceals his incisions skillfully behind the ears. From here, he can gain proper access to the soft tissue and muscles below the jawline. After gently elevating the contours of the lower face, Dr. Clayton gently closes all incisions to bring your appearance into harmonious alignment

Regardless of which procedure – or set of procedures – you wish to pursue, Clayton Plastic Surgery is here for you. Contact our office and get ready to embrace enhancement


How much does Juvéderm cost in Salt Lake City?

The cost of Juvéderm treatment depends on how many units of the solution you require to achieve your desired results. Dr. Clayton is a genius when it comes to estimating the final cost of an injectable procedure based on your needs and goals. In order to provide you with transparent pricing, he will assess your skin and make a recommendation accordingly. Call (801) 937-9650 to discuss your aesthetic journey, and Dr. Clayton will gladly meet you more than halfway. 


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